Learn to Play: Buy the World a Coke

I'd like to buy the world a coke main

Warren buffet is a well known Ukulele fan as well as one of the best investors ever, if not the best (but seriously, the ukulele fan thing is much more important.

So for cokes 100 year anniversary he made a little advert for them.

Ignoring the irony of the out of tune ukulele and singing the line “in perfect harmony” I thought it might be cool to make a little image with the chords and words for this song (after all it’s not that difficult). The issue is…there have been a few versions of the song.

The song was originally written for the classic coke advert “hilltop” advert (see below) with the line “I’d like to buy the world a coke and keep it company”.

However, since then many alternative versions have been recorded as regular singles. As you might expect including the line “buy the world a coke” in a pop single is kind of selling out. Here is a link to some different versions from over the years including the lyrics to the original.

However, these versions have also been versions recorded in different keys which make the chords of Warren Buffets version not accurate for every version…but that’s just the way things are in music. So I decided to use the chords from Warren’s version and some of the lyrics from the Hilltop version. It seemed to make the most sense. You can adapt the key (if you know a bit about music theory) or use the lyrics from other versions if you like. But I hope you enjoy it (just make sure you tune your ukulele).

Buy the world a coke chords ukulele


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