a picture of a ukulele with the caption ukulele player problems: when people say you aren't a real muscian because you play the ukulele
Ukulele Player Problems: When People Say You Aren’t a Real Musician

Ever had someone tell you that the ukulele isn’t a real instrument. They have no idea what they’re talking about. Yes it is annoying when people say you aren’t a real musician because you play the ukulele but we all know the truth. Ukulele players are real musicians.

George Harrison Ukulele Note
George Harrison Wrote a Letter Explaining Why You Should Have and Play a Ukulele

George Harrison was a well known Ukulele player, so perhaps it’s not surprising he wrote a letter explaining why you should own one…or more. I love that little picture of a ukulele at the bottom after his final killer point “Get yourself a few and enjoy yourself”.

Why do you tell people to own a ukulele?

Limited edition “All I want for Christmas, is Uke”

If you still need a christmas present for that Ukulele enthusiast in your life (or you just want one for yourself) then maybe you should check out this Teespring campaign. If 15 shirts are ordered they’ll be printed, if only 14 are ordered…no one gets one. They only cost $15 so they’ll hardly break the bank.

A Ukulele Christmas Tree

Okay, maybe this isn’t actually a Ukulele Christmas tree. Maybe it’s really a stand for Ukuleles for either a classroom or music shop. Even if it isn’t really a Ukulele Christmas tree…I’m still going to make a ukulele christmas tree to put up at home!

Although I hate premature christmas stuff, in this case I’ll make an exception as you’re going to have to make one yourself. As such I feel it’s okay to break my “no christmas things till after American Thanksgiving”.