A quick video tutorial by Manitoba Hal to teach you how to play Jambalaya on the Ukulele by Hank Williams. Jambalaya is a basic two chord song but with some nice twists, such as string muting, to push beginner players further. Give it a try and learn to play Jambalaya.

You probably don’t know it but I’ve been a bit of an Elvis Costello fan for a while. I’m really not sure why but I love his songs so Elvis plus Ukulele equals real awesomeness.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in live for the first Uke University live workshop on 5 exercises to improve your ukulele playing. I was shaking with nerves as I’ve never actually played the Ukulele online before. I’ve performed in gigs and open mic nights and get stage fright there too but this was something new.

The first two exercises are something that you can do wherever you are and whenever you want, the last three will require a Ukulele.

I’ve learnt a lot from this first live workshop and I can’t wait to improve the next ones. Make sure you sign up to the Uke University newsletter to hear about the next one (and get a whole host of free resources like a song book for kids, a printable chord chart guide and a printable ukulele key chart.)

I remember when I first heard New Slang by The Shins, it was during the film “Garden State” featuring Zac Braff. After that I went out and picked up their first record and I’ve certainly played it on the Ukulele before. However, the solo in this version is a really great touch. The combination of melody and chord patterns isn’t easy to pull off to say the least.

New Slang is from The Shins’s album “Oh, Inverted World” which you can buy here. [Or here for the UK]

Walk off the Earth have made some amazing Ukulele youtube covers of hit pop songs but this one takes it to another level with the addition of…KAZOOS! Yes “Shake It Off” is a Taylor Swift song and I know that will put some people off straight away but still, It’s worth checking out. (Taylor Swift might just happen to be my guilty pleasure.

If you want to help support Walk of the Earth create more cool videos then you should check out their Patreon page.